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CASHBACK! > For positive review 5% of the amount paid is returned to you back about the game: Fortnite is a free-to-play cooperative action game in the open world about zombies, made in a cartoon style. Players will explore the world, fight off the attacks of the undead, and defend their territory. In addition to the mode of exploring the world, the game also has a battle royale mode, in which players can also build their fortresses, but here they have to fight not with the living dead, but with other players. What do you get after your purchase? 1. Data from an account with 1 - 5 or more skins 2. Mail from the account. Full access, the account will be only yours! What do you need after receiving the goods? 1. Log in to 2. Change all information to your 3. Unlink the account from the connected services (if any) 4. Link account to 2fa Failure to comply with the rules - refusal to consider your claim! Mandatory requirement for new customers To remove the entire purchase process for video recording by any program up to authorization on the purchased data. Failure to comply with the rules will lead to the cancellation of your claim for the goods. The rule applies mainly to new customers, but it may also be necessary to resolve incidents and for old customers. On your account balance, such nice bonuses are possible as: an unknown number of v-bucks, combat passes, various add-ons and much more. Attention! - We do not guarantee you the possibility of playing from consoles - this option is random, but most products have this option.

We guarantee that you will receive a Fortnite 1 - 5 + skins + Full access + Email, or we will refund you money. If you have any difficulties or questions, please do not be in a hurry to leave a negative review, and write to us at any available contacts and we will help you and figure it all out, as well as give you an additional account for your lost time! We greatly value our reputation and value our customers. Thank you for buying from us! No suitable Fortnite account for you? Write to us in the chat and we will find you the desires account with full access and make a nice discount!

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Все хорошо но всего лишь 1 скин

15.11.2019 17:27

account work but can´t change email....owner will get back

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Its ok, good buy!